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How to Sell Your House Fast in the Paradise That Is Pompano Beach

If you need to sell your house fast in Pompano Beach, market your property as a tropical oasis worthy of out-of-state buyers’ attention. —-

If you need to sell your house fast in Pompano Beach, the market is in your favor. Buyers are flocking to this tropical oasis thanks to the increase in remote jobs and local development enhancing the region’s offerings.

“Investors have been pumping millions into the city,” shares Rachael Barach, a top real estate agent who works with 82% more single-family homes than the average agent in Pompano Beach.

Parks and beaches have been revamped. The extraordinary 900-foot Fisher Family Pier has been totally remodeled. Construction of new buildings with high price points and several restaurants have also emerged. All of that combined with its proximity to different areas of Florida — 35 miles North of Miami and 37 miles south of Palm Beach — has made Pompano a Paradise, and people are just starting to see that,” she elaborates.

Since the inventory of homes for sale has lagged compared to the influx of buyers, homes in Pompano Beach are selling fast for record-high prices. Still, if you want to sell your home fast, don’t sit back and expect the market to do the heavy lifting. Follow these 7 hot tips from Barach and top agent Laura Sanders, who boasts 18 years experience, to pull off the best sale possible.

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1. Bring tropical vibes to your curb appeal

In HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Report, 76% of real estate agents agree that curb appeal is the no. 1 thing a homeowner can do to boost the marketability of their home. If you want to “wow” buyers in the Pompano Beach market, gussy up your exterior with tropical accents.

Start by painting the front door a bright, inviting color like Melon Sorbet by Behr or Aqueduct by Sherwin-Williams. An adventurous color adds character to your home and creates a calling card for buyers to remember your listing by.

Up next, enhance your landscaping. Hire a professional to get your lawn as green as possible for around $100 to $300. Line the walkway with native tropical plants to guide buyers to the door. Finally, add some color with coral bean or hibiscus flowers.

2. Consider selling your house for cash to a direct buyer

If you need to sell your house fast and don’t have the time or energy for pre-listing preparations and showings, consider selling your house for cash to a direct buyer. Many direct buyers purchase your home as-is for cash, closing the sale in a matter of days or weeks, compared to the months it can take to sell your home on the open market.

Just know that cash buyers tend to offer a lower price than traditional buyers. However, when you eliminate home prep costs in Pompano Beach — such as updating the interior and boosting curb appeal, plus agent fees of 5% to 6% of the sale price, you may end up with a similar amount of money at the end of the day.

Explore the option to sell for cash with HomeLight’s Simple Sale. We’ll provide you with a competitive cash offer with no additional fees to help you close your sale as quickly as 10 days. We’ll also provide you with an estimate of what you could sell your house on the market with help from a top real estate agent so you can see a side-by-side comparison of your options.

3. Insect-proof your home

While Pompano Beach boasts beautiful weather, the tropical climate comes with a major drawback: pests. Insects like cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitos, termites, and spiders thrive in the area. To speed up closing your sale, kick these bugs to the curb before you list your home.

Pest control services in Pompano beach cost around $450. If you really want to sweeten the deal for buyers, pay for a termite bond. A termite bond is a warranty with a termite company that functions like a maintenance contract; for a few hundred dollars, the company will regularly inspect and provide termite control for the duration of the contract (typically 1 to 3 years).

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4. Hire a top real estate agent who knows how to sell fast

Your real estate agent significantly influences how fast you can sell your home. HomeLight’s research reveals that the top 3% of agents in Pompano Beach complete 73.2% more transactions than the average agent. This experience allows them to quickly identify how to  effectively price and market your home to pull off a fast sale.

“Find a licensed real estate agent that knows your area, and that is well experienced at navigating property closings,” Barach advises, noting that hyperlocal experience is key to an agent’s success in selling a home.

To connect with top real estate agents in your area, share your property details with HomeLight. We’ll crunch agent performance data like average list to sale price ratio, days on market, and client reviews to match you with the three best agents for your home sale.

From there, we recommend that you interview your top candidates and choose the agent whose experience and professionalism you most trust.

5. Price your home with precision

If you need to sell your house fast, it’s crucial to list at the right price from the get-go. Price too high, and your home will sit on the market; price too low, and you’ll leave cash on the table. So how do you find the sweet spot for a fast, high priced sale? Trust your real estate agent.

Local real estate agents intimately understand the market. They’ll conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) to pinpoint what buyers are likely to pay for your home (and what price it will likely appraise for). This expertise is key in Pompano Beach where real estate has significantly appreciated in the past decade, with prices climbing by the month.

“Our prices jumped by 22.4% percent last April alone. That’s ridiculous growth for one month,” Sanders shares. “Owners who bought a modest house 30 years ago for $35,000 may not believe their house is now worth $235,000. At times they’ll resist a high asking price out of fear the number will put-off buyers.”

6. Hire a pro to conduct a pre-listing inspection

Many of Pompano Beach’s out-of-state buyers seek move-in-ready homes so they can quickly settle into the laidback lifestyle. That said, if the home inspection reveals your home is in desperate need of repairs, you can expect your buyer to request you complete repairs before they move in — or worse, they may cancel the sale through their inspection contingency.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home inspection issues were responsible for 11% of delayed contracts and 9% of contract terminations in 2021. If you want to sell your Pompano Beach home fast, conduct a pre-listing home inspection to get ahead of repairs before a buyer is involved.

Michael Gaurnier, ACI, a local inspector with 18 years of experience and over 3,000 home and commercial building inspections under his belt, adds that a pre-inspection also boosts your home’s marketability. Buyers who know your home is in excellent condition are more likely to make higher offers.

Gaurnier advises that a home inspection takes 3 to 4 hours and costs around $300 — an expense well worth the effort to get you through closing faster.

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7. Draw in local and out-of-state buyers with a compelling listing

Since many Pompano Beach buyers live out of the area, it’s essential to craft an enticing property listing to capture their attention online.

Sell your outdoor spaces with professional photos

In Pompano Beach, the weather rarely drops below 70 degrees, so you can bet buyers desire a home with outdoor living space. Highlight your backyard and front yard in your listing with multiple photos of these spaces, staged with seating arrangements. If you live close to a canal or body of water, include drone shots that reveal the property’s proximity to these features.

Write an engaging property description

The listing description provides an opportunity to share details about your home’s location and features that aren’t readily apparent in the photos. Is your house near a great school, an onramp of a much-traveled highway, close to an amazing shopping center? Mention these highlights in the description to paint a picture of the lifestyle a buyer will have living in your home.

Example 1: This stunning single-story home strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and recreation. Splash around in the recently remodeled pool or read a book in the western-facing three-season sunroom. When you’re ready to explore all the area has to offer, drive five miles north to US HWY 1, the historic statewide route traversing from St. Augustine to the Florida Keys. Or head east to Atlantic Avenue’s shopping and entertainment district, only a 15 minute walk away.

Example 2: This 1900 square foot mid-century ranch style home is on the doorstep of natural trails, parks, and Pompano Beach’s renowned pier that juts out from miles of pristine beach. The house itself is cheerful and easy to live in. This turnkey property features recently restored hardwood floors, large windows dressed in 3” plantation blinds, and freshly painted walls that harken back to the golden ‘50s.

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