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9 Tips to Sell Your ‘Near Nature, Near Perfect’ Home in Spokane, WA

Looking to sell your home fast in Spokane, WA? Our experts offer five quick and easy tips to close the deal. —-

If you want to sell your home fast in Spokane, Washington, the odds are in your favor. In the past decade, Spokane County has experienced an influx of 44,000 residents seeking affordable housing, a steady job market, and proximity to nature. This migration paired with low inventory and low interest rates has led to a hot seller’s market in Washington’s second-largest city.

“We have everything a big city has to offer without the big city congestion or the high price of entry,” says Steven Silbar, a top real estate agent who sells properties 42% quicker than the average Spokane agent. “We’ve got a great quality of life because [we’re] so close to nature and the river.”

Spokane truly lives up to its motto: “Near nature, near perfect.” And if you want to sell your home fast in this city, you’ll need to strategically market your home to attract outdoor lovers and ex-city slickers alike.

We spoke with Silbar and a top home stager in Spokane for insight on successfully selling a Spokane property. Follow these nine tips to sell your home fast:

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1. Partner with one of Spokane’s top real estate agents to sell your house fast

One of the most critical steps to selling your home fast in Spokane is to partner with a top real estate agent. Top agents in Spokane know how to leverage the city’s rising popularity to win a quick, high-priced sale.

“There is a definite shortage of inventory and an exceptional number of buyers out there fighting for properties,” Silbar comments. “I moved to Spokane in 2002, but I have lived all over the country. There is crazy high demand here, and [it is an] up and coming secondary city.”

Our data reveals how big of a difference working with a top agent makes. The top 3% of agents in Spokane complete 81.8% more real estate transactions than the average agent. They also save their sellers 20% more money than the average agent.

To find the best agent for your home sale, plug your property details into HomeLight’s Agent Finder. We’ll match you with the top three agents for your home based on transaction data, including average days on the market, average list to sell price, and client reviews. Meet your matches and hire the agent whom you trust and connect with the most.

2. Don’t overshoot the listing price

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) expects property values to grow more rapidly in Washington than the U.S. average in the next 12 months. Silbar attributes the hot market to Spokane’s awesome amenities attracting out-of-area buyers and remote workers. Still, even in a market where prices are rising, Silbar advises sellers not to let greed get in the way when setting a listing price.

“If you want to go for the highest possible price and list that way, you’re going to chase away most of the possible buyers versus going in at what a fair and reasonable market value is,” Silbar says.

Silbar goes on to add that listing your home at or slightly below market value can often encourage a bidding war that drives the price up.

Lean into your agent for advice on how to price your home. A top agent will conduct a comparative market analysis — comparing your home to similar properties sold recently — to determine a fair price. Since prices are on the rise in Spokane, they may also reach out to agents managing properties in escrow to gather the most recent sales data. If these homes are selling for more than recently sold homes, you may be able to set a higher listing price.

3. List your home in November to catch the peak buying season

For a fast sale, take advantage of Spokane’s peak buying season. According to HomeLight’s Best Time to Sell Calculator, homes sold in February are on the market for 50 days fewer than the annual average. Since homes take around three months to sell from list to close, list your home in November to increase your odds of a fast sale.

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4. Showcase views into nature

If your home is next to the river or has a view of the mountains, take every opportunity to emphasize those desirable qualities. “Everyone would like to have a house on the river if they can afford it,” notes Silbar.

Follow these tips to show off your home’s views of the natural surroundings:

Arrange furniture to face windows with a view. Set up a cozy reading nook with an upholstered chair, ottoman, and floor lamp so potential buyers can imagine enjoying a book and cup of coffee overlooking the view.

Remove window coverings to enhance the view. Take down blinds or curtains and clean the windows inside and outside thoroughly.

Include photos of the view in the listing. Flaunt your home’s location with listing photos showcasing views from windows, balconies, and the backyard.

5. Fashion a welcoming outdoor living space

A flat, functional yard, whether for kids, pets, or entertaining, is key — and if it’s fenced in, it’s even better. “Homeowners want to expand that livable square footage inside the home outside,” said Silbar. “They realize how important every square foot is.”

For an instant upgrade, add a fire pit and seating in the backyard. Our recent Top Agent Insights Report reveals that fire pits are the number one backyard upgrade homebuyers want to see in 2021.

Research indicates that a 10-foot in diameter natural stone fire pit yields on average a 67% return on investment. Costs range widely depending on the type of fire pit and whether it’s permanent or mobile, but just know that if you pour $6,000 into the project, you’ll get $4,000 back. That’s a worthwhile investment if it helps you secure a fast home sale.

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6. Note your walk-out basement in the listing

Another way to show off the great outdoors in Spokane is to have a walk-out basement.

“People love ranches and a walk-out basement. People don’t want to walk up and downstairs,” Silbar shares.

If you have a walk-out basement, make sure the area outside is accessible and staged with furniture. The more outdoor living space you can create, the better, since Spokane homebuyers often want to maximize their time spent outdoors.

7. Clean your roof and chimney

Weather can vary in Spokane due to the city’s proximity to the mountains. And all of that wind, hail, snow, and precipitation impact your roof and chimney. Before you list your home, check in on these elements’ conditions and make necessary repairs.

“When I walk up to a house, I look at the roof and chimney. If the roof and chimney have been taken care of and are in good repair, the house has been loved and cared for. I have made a direct correlation [between these items] many times,” Silbar says, noting that homebuyers are likely to judge your home by these features as well.

If your roof is in good shape, a cleaning will do the trick, but if your roof is 25+ years old and has issues, consider replacing it or adjusting your listing price to reflect the cost of repair.

If your home has a chimney, your buyer may request a chimney inspection on top of the traditional home inspection. A chimney inspector will check for cracks in the masonry to ensure the structure is earthquake safe. To speed up the selling process, you could conduct the chimney inspection ahead of time (average cost ranges from $300 to $600) and market the feature as pre-inspected.

8. Draw attention to garage space

Garage space is a huge selling point for Spokane buyers who often own multiple vehicles and a substantial outdoor gear collection.

“A lot of homes have at least a three-car garage. But in a lot of newer homes, you see a two-car garage, and the third bay is 20 feet tall. Homeowners want a space to pull their RV right into the garage. A lot of people here have recreational vehicles, whether it be an RV or a boat, so they want the extra storage,” Silbar shares.

Optimize the garage’s appeal by decluttering and deep cleaning the space. Then, show off your own outdoor gear collection using organizers like shelving units and pegboards.

If you don’t have a third garage, indicate where one could go in your listing. It’s all about creating the vision for potential buyers so they can envision living in your home.

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9. Style a modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern farmhouse and mid century modern are the most popular interior design styles in Spokane.

“Sleek, modern design styles and modern farmhouses are still going strong,” confirms Sylvia Dunn, founder of Home Staging Works and has been in business in Spokane for over 15 years.

Our experts advise that kitchens remodeled in these styles, in particular, are buyer-magnets. Dunn shares that two-toned cabinets with gray or navy bottoms and white tops or dark islands are popular. To get the look, paint the upper cabinets a white like White Dove by Benjamin Moore and paint your island and lower cabinets a darker shade like Naval by Sherwin Williams or Graphite by Benjamin Moore.

Change outdated light fixtures for simple, black fixtures with Edison bulbs to contribute to the farmhouse vibe. Replacing hardware is another small but impactful way to get a modern farmhouse look in your kitchen. Swap outdated hardware for contemporary black or brass hardware.

When styling your kitchen, use a mix of weathered wood elements, vintage finds, and mixed metal accents. If you can add open shelving, do so. An apron sink goes a long way but can be a bit more costly.

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