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8 Tips to Sell Your House Fast in Pasadena, California

Looking to sell your home fast in Pasadena, California? Local experts share 8 essential steps to sell your home faster in the City of Roses. —-

From Cal Tech students to filmmakers, people flock to the City of Roses in search of new spaces and places to work, making this an opportune time if you’re wondering how to sell your house fast in Pasadena, California.

Home to the world-famous Rose Bowl Stadium and the Norton Simon Museum, the city of Pasadena is a cultural hub flourishing with possibilities. Its unique location, broad mix of architectural styles, and attractions make it a thriving hotspot and a magnet for new and relocating homebuyers.

“A lot of buyers in this area are in the entertainment business,” says Bradley Korb, a top-selling agent serving the Pasadena area. “They have something to do with the studios and the details have gotten so huge with all the streaming services.”

It’s never been a better time to sell in Pasadena. After all, the median selling price of a home went from $600,000 in 2015 to $825,000+ in 2019 — an increase of 38% in just four short years. And for the first time ever the median price of a home sold in Pasadena surpassed $1 million, according to 2020/2021 property tax data provided to the city by a consultant.

Ready to sell your Pasadena home fast? Let us show you how to capitalize on this promising seller’s market.

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1. Tailor your listing to appeal to Pasadena’s entertainment industry

Pasadena and the local Burbank area are quickly becoming the new epicenter of entertainment in Southern California.

“Entertainment has taken on a life of its own in this area,” says Korb. “That means all the writers, all the grips, all the industry people will be here needing spaces to live in.”

Tailoring your home listing to appeal to the entertainment industry is a great way to amplify its appeal in a burgeoning market. One aspect to play up is the walkability of your listing in relation to popular nearby attractions.

“A lot of the people in Pasadena love the downtown area. It’s very walkable up and down the streets, there are shops, there are restaurants,” continues Korb. “Young people today just love having access to things that are walkable for them.”

Optimize your home’s selling strategy by explicitly specifying the walking time from your home to thriving, restaurant-packed areas like Colorado Boulevard. In your listing, make note of popular nearby bars, cultural institutions, and prominent companies and employers in and around the area, like Netflix or Warner Brothers. Advertise the bike score and proximity to public transportation lines to encourage commuters.

2. Spruce up paint with these light, neutral shades

“Paint is the cheapest major upgrade you can do before putting your home on the market,” says Michelle Minch, an award-winning home stager and Founder/CEO of Moving Mountains Design.

Minch’s background as a stylist and visual merchandiser for film and TV makes her especially well suited for the task of staging Pasadena homes; in fact, Minch’s skills typically result in homes selling for way over listing price by a cool $250,000 to $700,000.

“Our philosophy has always been to keep refreshing our inventory to follow current design trends so that every house we stage looks fresh and conveys a desirable luxury lifestyle,” continues Minch.

One way Minch accomplishes this is through an intimate knowledge of local design trends.

“I still have PTSD from all the gold and beige paint colors from the 1990s and early 2000s,” jokes Minch. “They really date a home.”

While outdated colors can have the unintended effect of exaggerating a house’s age, light, neutral tones can make a space instantly feel lighter,  brighter, and more inviting. Minch suggests opting for the following colors:

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace
Dunn Edwards Miners Dust

Sell a house fast in Pasadena, California. interior

3. Appeal to Pinterest-worthy Pasadena trends

Tailoring the interior of your home to appeal to buyers is about more than applying a fresh coat of paint. Prospective sellers should also pay careful attention to interior design trends that are popular in your Pasadena neighborhood.

“The further east you travel, with the exception of a few small pockets, the more conservative the design tastes, generally,” says Minch. “We deal with a lot more traditionally styled homes, both in architecture and interior design the further east we travel for work.”

As such, sellers looking to sell fast may want to consider the best ways in which the interior space can reflect these local trends — particularly Pinterest-worthy ones as the site can drive listing visibility and considerable traffic.

Korb identifies a few popular remodeling options including kitchens with white onyx or quartz countertops, farmhouse sinks, and LED lighting throughout. He also recommends installing a few other commonly sought out elements like laminate flooring and energy-efficient windows to appeal to popular demand.

4. Optimize your listing photos for more Pasadena pull

With over 42 years in business, Korb knows how to get the job done. His approach to selling homes quickly and profitably emphasizes a practical approach to curb appeal and photography.

“The first, most important thing that’s critical is your curb appeal,” says Korb. “For buyers, it’s like dating on a website: oh, look, I liked that house, now let’s swipe to the next one.”

Korb’s approach to selling homes centers on capturing the attention of buyers quickly — and keeping it. Korb works with a professional home stager for the best results. He also highlights the importance of getting professional photos as well as making other media options available.

“Sellers should have professional photography for listings including a drone picture and a 3D walkthrough tour,” says Korb.

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5. Use curb appeal and low maintenance yards to help sales bloom in the City of Roses

Agents like Korb who work in the Pasadena area know curb appeal is vital to the success of any sale.

“The first thing they’re gonna see is the first picture of the front of the house. That’s why we help sellers make sure the landscaping looks great. Are there flower beds? How does the front porch look? Does it need a little bit of painting?”

When thinking of curb appeal it’s best to factor in as many specific details about your property as possible. Korb, for instance, factors the heat into account when thinking about buyers.

“The dry weather in California means a lot of clients now are going into low maintenance yards,” says Korb.

Pasadena sellers can improve their home’s curb appeal by including additional drought-resistant landscaping features such as low irrigation yards or drip water systems to attract the eyes of eco-conscious consumers.

6. List your home on the market in March

According to HomeLight’s Best Time to Sell Calculator, which uses comprehensive real estate transaction data, the best time to sell a house fast in Pasadena is in June, with the worst month in January. And since Pasadena homes spend an average of three months from list to close, that means the best time for you to list your home for sale is in March, which can result in selling your house a full five days faster than if you listed in any other month.

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7. Conduct a pre-listing home inspection to speed up your home sale

Pasadena can average high temperatures of 90 degrees in July, August, and September, so buyers will certainly want a fully functioning air conditioner. But for many home sellers, they may not even remember the last time their air conditioning system was inspected. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home inspection issues account for 16% of closing delays. To speed up your home sale, conduct a pre-listing home inspection. This gives you a valuable opportunity to address any necessary repairs before buyers see your home.

8. Partner with a top agent in Pasadena to sell your home fast

One of the best ways to speed up your home sale in Pasadena is to identify and select a top local real estate agent. There are more than 5,500 active agents in Pasadena, but transaction data shows that the top 3% can sell homes 31 days faster, and make $62,427 more on a home sale when compared to the average local agent.

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